The Problem - 100% of Backboards Tested were contaminated

Groups of microorganism isolated from swabs Pilot Bacteria l Backboard Test: This test was conducted on randomly selected EMS backboards, and in turn 55 swabs were tested and recorded resulting in 248 Isolations.

Many times when one is injured in an accident, the human body is weakened from the trauma and is more susceptible to bacteria which ultimately leads to infection. The last place someone thinks they will be exposed to bacteria is on the backboards used to transfer them to the hospital. That is why it is necessary for EMS crews and Hospitals to have clean equipment to prevent further contamination to the injured.

  • These random tests were all conducted on "In Service" backboards!
  • These were backboards found on units, in storage, at hospitals, and even after going through the hospital "backboard scrubber".
  • That's right... these backboards (shown below) were ready to be used on the next call and on the next patient... possibly you!
A closer look at what contaminates these hospital backboards.