Board Armor

The Solution - Board Armor®

The "Board Armor" backboard cover provides a barrier between the patient and the backboard while still leaving access to the lifting handles. It in no way compromises the ability to properly immobilize the patient with any system of straps or head immobilization devices.

Additional benefits of the disposable backboard cover include faster turn around time to place backboards in service, easier clean up of both backboards and transport units, and better patient protection especially during mass casualty situations.

  • Acts as a barrier between the patient and the backboard.
  • Reduces the risk of exposing patients to cross contamination.
  • Protects your equipment and makes clean up easier and faster
  • Reduces exposure risk to rescue personnel.
  • Whats inside:

    Our Board Armor® is packaged in a recycable durable plastic bag designed for easy access for a quick application. the compact packaging makes it easy to store in any emergency vehicle. Board Armor® packages have been designed to be easy to use and dispoable.


    Each Board Armor® Contains:

    • Easy access disposable packaging.
    • A full sanitary white Tyvek® backboard wrap.
    • 2 neck stabilizing triangle pieces.
    • Hook and loop for neck stabilization

Board Armor® Directions Steps 1-6 » Watch the Video


Step 1 - Open Package

Place backboard on a flat surface. Grab a Board Armor® cover and pull across the side to open the protective bag. (Careful: Do not open with any sharp objects. this may damage the Board Armor®).


Step 2 - Prepare Board Armor®

Once out of the package, unfold the Board Armor® cover to it's full length.


Step 3 - Cover the top

Cover the head of the backboard with the Board Armor® cover.


Step 4 - Cover the bottom

Extend the Board Armor® cover across the entire backboard and secure at the bottom. Pull adhesive release liner for head immobilizer to secure to the backboard.


Step 5 - Apply head blocks

Attach head blocks to the designated areas on Board Armor® cover. One to the left side of the patient's head, the other on the right side.


Step 6 - Apply straps

Secure the head blocks by applying the straps at the forehead and chin areas of the patient. Straps hook and loop comfortably to the head blocks.

How does Board Armor® benefit you and your patients?

  • Disposable Tyvek QC fabric already ASTM F1670 for blood penetration and F1671 for viral penetration
  • CID unit cost already incurred for disposable spinal immobilization equipment is comparable to Board Armor®
  • Keeps cleaning to a minimum saving time and money in cleaning supplies
  • Maintains the serviceability of the backboard
  • Ability to rapidly place backboard back in service (Time is $$$)